The ACTUAL drum head on Ringo used on The Ed Sullivan Show!

"February 9 1964" - 12" x 12"  UNFRAMED

The first in a series celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Beatles arrival in America on February 7. 1964.

"February 9 1964" is a highly detailed artist rendering of Ringo Starr's 2nd Ludwig drum kit on The Ed Sullivan Show , placed atop the riser in the famous "arrow set" for their first appearance on February 9 1964.

"The Beatles" drum head used in this artist rendering is a high resolution photograph of the ACTUAL 20" Remo Weatherking bass drum head Ringo used on his second Ludwig kit he acquired upon their fist visit to the US, days before the first show.

Drum head owned by Russ Lease, CEO of BEATLESSUITS.COM

(Watermarks do not appear on purchased prints.)



  • Manufacturer: The Beatles In 3D
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: ES-001

February 9 1964 - 3D Print

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