Ringo's Beatle Era Drum Kits Timeline Poster


"Beatles Era Drum Kits Timeline Poster" uniquely showcases the six drum sets used by Ringo during his career with the Beatles.

This "Ringo approved" poster is a must have for every Beatles fan and musician.

Printed on thick quality paper stock, it features never before seen photos of each drum kit, there specific drum sizes and a brief historic descriptive. Ringo stands proudly behind his first Ludwig drum kit with Beatles drum gear historian, Gary Astridge. (This was the last time that Ringo would be with this drum kit before being sold at auction.)

Measures: 24"h x 18"w

If you are interested in 3 or more posters or a combination of any other store items delivered in one package (to save on the cost of shipping), contact Gary directly at Gary@RingosBeatleKits.com.

NOTE: We are offering a "limited number" of posters autographed by Ringo. Visit store for details.

  • Manufacturer: Astridge International, Inc.

*NEW* Beatles Era Drum Kits Timeline Poster

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